Topic: ​Basicincome

Pro: workers paradise

Con: needs extreme high tax raise

My view: No

Why: too expensive


20 Years ago or so, I was editor in chief of a small, local newsletter to promote basic income. I didn’t have ackue who was reading it, but it was fun to do. I was young and jobless, and the idea of someone giving me lots of money every month – well, somehow it appealed to me. Maybe it appeals to you as well.
Of course I would love to receive a UBI! The problem is, my neighbour has to pay for it, so his income tax will double. When he discovers that, he decides he wants a UBI as well…
UBI is paradise, yes, but it is too costly to pay for. It will give government an incredible amount of power and lead to uncontrollable streams of immigration from nonUBI countries to UBI countries.
No, the robotfuture is about hard working and earning your own income. The future is about creating and learning Jobs of the Future. About redesigning our laws about property & income, so that no longer 10 people own half of worlds income. We need a workers economy where workers own their companies, data, robots and energy sources – not banks & tech companies.
It is *You* who should create paradise. Not your neighbour, not the government.