Can someone please build 1 million public Teacher Robots?

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Marcel Bullinga presented this idea at the international technology & design conference @EDST15 on 18 November 2015, titled: “Can someone please hurry up the robot takeover?” It is also compatible with the plea by Uber-educator @konoz to #teach1billion  Also, check out my Shopping list for … Lees verder

Economic Singularity *is* near, and it provides future wealth – and (thank heaven) *not* economic growth

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Is Singularity near, asks William D. Nordhaus, economist at Yale Uiversity, and does it lead to economic growth? His answer is: no. I say: yes, SIngularity is near, but indeed, it does not lead to economic growth – as we define that … Lees verder

Future of Work 2050 Survey – State of the Future Milennium Project. Do robots destroy or create jobs?

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Futurist Marcel Bullinga participated in a Delphi survey of 300 global experts about the Future of Work in 2050 by the State of the Future Milennium Project. The questions are clear, the answers are not. Will future technologies (AI, robots and such) create more jobs than they … Lees verder

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