Tech Startup Accelerator @propel_x asked 30 experts about their predictions for the next university’s deep tech innovation. My prediction: smart AI & robot senses. All other experts: same same + fascinatingly different.

Question: What is the biggest deep technology innovation you expect to see coming out of universities in the next 12 months?

Answer by Futurist & Keynote Speaker Marcel Bullinga:  “Probably AI in lots of different areas and the further enhancement of robot senses. That is good for early medical diagnostics but also for improving self-driving cars. This also includes the development of what I call the Journalist Robot — using AI to render the truth. Detect fake news, fake porn, fake locations, fake everything, but also online bullying, and prevent it from spreading. It’s a battle against malicious AI that is improving the creation of fake everything and of automated bullying.”

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