Startup Teacher and Veteran Futurist Marcel Bullinga with his favorite educational robot

Dear E-learning platforms all over the world,

since I want to become  a startup teacher (being a veteran futurist), I have been investigating E-learning platforms for over a year now. It’s a real jungle out there! I can’t see the difference anymore between LMS’s, authoring tools, inclusive platforms and the dozens of other names you use. I met a bunch of lovely sweet people, don’t get me wrong, but I am not happy at all. No one offers the Wow! futuristic service that I am looking for. So I drafted a shopping list for the Uber in Education. Since one half of the world is going to teach the other half in the future…

My shopping list. Only 3 items…
1. Give me a global educational decision tool
As a startup teacher, I don’t know anything about teaching or teaching methods. So I need an interface that embeds all existing educational methods, quizzes and tests (globally!), in gaming format. Either scientically proven or based on educational big data.
While setting up a training, I want to be guided through the educational dilemma’s via a Q&A analysis. This decision tool allows me to choose from an endless list of educational methods and offers me constant advice on which ones to choose.
 2. Give me retention and marketing
Since most people lack the selfdisciplin to complete their online training, retention methods are king. In my training, I want to embed a mix of stimulae. From social and financial seduction to downright coercion. My Top 3:
A. Socialize. Stop  teaching, start social learning! Learning is something you do in a group, not stand-alone.
B. Reward. Use a mix of social and financial rewards and time driven threats  (Do it Now or or Get Fired) for completing the course. Gamewise of course.
C. Graduate. Offer the possibility to “graduate”, to earn a certificate – sorry, Old School word – I mean any kind of community based  rewarding system badges (or something like that).
D. Blend. Offer a mix of robot learning (no teacher involved for explaining & feedback, just the training he created) and human learning (realtime human teacher’ feedback, peer reviews etc.)
 E. Mix. Spare me the hassle of mastering 3 different systems. I want my platform to be a combination of authoring tool – learning management system and marketing tool in one. The teacher of the future is a freelancer who needs to brand himself.
3. Give me teacher robots
 I want my E-learning platform to cooperate with AI-systems like @IBMWatson and @Bluemix. Transform the human knowledge that is now inside our human brains – the heads of professionals all over the world, from engineers to lawyers, bankers and cleaning ladies – into robot brains and let the robot brain be or do part of my training. This will create an unprecented learning revolution within the next 15 years.

Dear all, can you please make this happen quickly so I can put it in my shopping basket? It is OK if you start with numbers 1 and 2 and skip 3 for the time being. I am willing to pay a modest fee of say 10 Euro monthly subscription. Can you please speed it up a little bit? I am in a hurry. 

Futurist Marcel Bullinga is a startup teacher who wants to improve his 21st Century Skills. He gives cool presentations though about the Future of Education. He loves educational robots and hopes to meet one in the near future.