Futurist Marcel Bullinga contributed to PEW report by global experts about youth in 2020 (February 2012). Imaging the Internet / PEW Research: Youth in 2020. General conclusion: “Always On youth will both profit from and suffer because of their hyperconnected lifes”. Marcel Bullinga’s advice:  “We need time-out zones at school, meditation classes without smartphone and education in ignoring people.”

The Editorial says:

• Reform of the education system is necessary to help learners know how to maximize the best and minimize the worst. Reform could start by recognizing that distractions of all kinds are the norm now. Educators should teach the management of multiple information streams, emphasizing the skills of filtering, analyzing, and synthesizing information. Also of value is an appreciation for silence, focused contemplation, and “lessons in ignoring people,” as futurist Marcel Bullinga put it.

Marcel Bullinga explains:

•  “I call the virtual teens and adults the Game Generation. Game Generation teens will build, not lack, social skills online and they will be able to transfer them to the face-to-face world. They will also learn and work as if they are in a game. Game Generation teens and adults will have lasting problems with focus and attention. They find distraction while working, distraction while driving, distraction while talking to the neighbours. Parents and teachers will have to invest major time and efforts into solving this issue. Silence zones, time-out zones, meditation classes without mobile, lessons in ignoring people. All in all, I think the negative side effects can be healed and positive outcomes will prevail.” —Marcel Bullinga, futurist and author of Welcome to the Future Cloud—2025 in 100 Predictions; based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands