“A vision for the financial sector in 2030” – by futurist Marcel Bullinga in: Hays Survey 2016. Full study (PDF) (scroll to page 4) / About Marcel Bullinga

Recruitment company Hays conducted comprehensive research into the labor market of the future. In the present study, Hays took a close look at the financial sector. The basis of the study is made by a leading futurologist Marcel Bullinga. For the financial sector he has made a future sketch in which developments that will change the sector in the next fifteen to twenty years, will be discussed. The future sketches are included as part of the investigation.

On the basis of these future outlines a series of propositions is presented to specialists working in the financial sector. In addition, subjects were discussed such as employment, career prospects and the impact of (geopolitical) international developments.

Chapters in Marcel Bullinga’s future vision:

  • Overall trends in 2030
  • The most important development: robots
  • The future financial sector
  • Scenario 1: Smart business as usual
  • Scenario 2: #Iswitchtoadifferentfinancialsystem
  • From ‘soft’ technology to ‘hard’ transparency
  • Do-it-yourself
  • Human consultant no longer necessary
  • Employment in the future
  • Freelance economy
  • Big data basis for advice
  • The Super Professional
  • Transformation of professions
  • The CEO of the future
  • The controller of the future
  • The analyst and consultant of the future