The authoritative US research institute PEW issued a survey of 1,302 global experts, leading scientists, research institutes and futurists on February 14, 2017. Marcel Bullinga is one of the interviewees.

Trendwatcher Marcel Bullinga predicts the end of the apps era. Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence (KI / AI) will conquer the world, as the Internet and the mobile phone once did.


PEW tweet:


The argument behind the quote they have chosen from me is this.

We are in transition to a robot economy. Robots are artificial intelligence / algorithms in a package. Essentially, everything around us is a robot: your car, your home, the coffee machine, and of course the best-selling robot (the mobile phone). The robots will not only steal existing professions (“Disappearing professions”, ranging from anesthetist to taxi driver), but also create new Future Professions (ranging from robot coach to energy farmer).

Interesting detail: Apps disappear as well! They are in fact useless because there are millions of them. They are to be replaced by robots, KI applications, smart agents, whatever you cal it, who act as your personal assistant. This threatens platfrorms like Google, because you will never be searching yourself anymore – your personal robot will do the searching for you. Decision making in organizations will turn around completely. It makes flatter, self-governing organizations truly possible.

30 years ago, around 1994, I predicted this robot revolution – by then called they were called “smart agents” already in one of my first books about Internet, Spiders in the Digital Web and In Total Selfcontrol.