Are You Futureproof – or obsolete in 10 years? 10 Questions & 3 Tips about the Future of Mobility (see Slideshare). First presented in Brussels, 23 October 2014, Congress “Mobility in 2050” by Vlaams Instituut voor Mobiliteit. Special thanks to the members of @techcastglobal for their inspiring ideas.

There is a battle between mobility innovations. Be sure to pick the right one!

1 Conclusion:

In the future, we will have,,,

1. Zero “Nonsense Mobility”

2. More “Fun Mobility”

3. Less Transport of Goods

4. Fewer Mobility Jobs

3 Futureproof tips:

1.       The city of the future is a zero-mobility city

2.       Stop buying cars

3.       Combine the mobility & energy infrastructure

3 Innovation tips:

1.       Are you obsolete in 10 years?

2.       Beat the gamechanger that is about to destroy your business

3.       Find time to collaborate (in order to survive)