Marcel Bullinga presented this idea at the international technology & design conference @EDST15 on 18 November 2015, titled: “Can someone please hurry up the robot takeover?” It is also compatible with the plea by Uber-educator @konoz to  teach1billion.org  Also, check out my Shopping list for futureproof education. Maybe the nonprofit, public AI-initiative @openAI, started December 2015, can take up the challenge?

Right now, the @IBMWatson robot, one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence initiatives, is storming the world, learning current knowledge and translating it into new health and financial services. This will, in time, disrupt jobs and markets. The way we learn is going to be transformed immensely, but right now, teachers around the world have no clue. I think they should start to take control over their own future, the future of learning, and not leave it to billion dollar tech companies. The development of Artificial Intelligence is too important to let go.

We already have hopeful initiatives like @NaoRobot and the global @Xprize Learning, but it is not enough. We need local initiatives. Let’s develop one million public Teacher Robots which are opensource, nonprofit  and royalty free (no patents!) And, most important of all, not developed by nerds but by local teachers.

This will benefit all children and adults needing to learn how to survive in a world where robots take over.

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PS I talked about the idea recently for a group of 1000 teachers. In the belly of the beast, so to speak. They didn’t attack me during my speech. One could interpret that as a good sign