Trendwatcher Marcel Bullinga notes “that social control is lacking online” in new Elon – Pew study about trolling and fakenews.

Marcel Bullinga, trendwatcher and keynote speaker @futurecheck, wrote:

“Online we express hate and disgust we would never express offline, face-to-face. It seems that social control is lacking online. We do not confront our neighbours/children/friends with antisocial behaviour. The problem is not [only] anonymous bullying: many bullies have faces and are shameless, and they have communities that encourage bullying. And government subsidies stimulate them – the most frightening aspect of all. We will see the rise of the social robots, technological tools that can help us act as polite, decent social beings (like the REthink app). But more than that we need to go back to teaching and experiencing morals in business and education: back to behaving socially.”